Weather station installation

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Weather station installation

Beitragvon Leon » Di 20. Okt 2015, 00:29

Hi all,

apologies for not writing in your language, however I am not yet very familiar with German, so I prefer to use English.
I would like to install a weather station on the roof of the building where I live. The building has 8 apartments (4 floors) and a flat roof
with super easy access to it. I need to ask the renting agency and the landlord permission for such installation. Now, I am not very familiar
with swiss law and this sort of stuff but the building rules say clear that nothing that alter the looking of the building can be installed. I believe this is manly referring to satellite dishes or things like that. The weather station is relatively small (I was thinking at Davies Vantage Pro 2) and more importantly it will not be visible at all from the street. But still it might be difficult to convince the counterpart to let me install the WS on the roof.
Has any of you had a similar experience? If so, how did it resolved, and what argument have you used to convince the landlord? Any info or tip is much appreciated.

Thanks you all,



PS. To the moderator, I am not sure whether this is the best room to post this message, if not please move it to a more appropriate place!

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Re: Weather station installation

Beitragvon Matthias_BL » Mi 21. Okt 2015, 20:52

Hi Leon,

To convince the landlord an appropriate argument could be, that in case of damage of the house during Storm, or other severe weather you will provide you data for free to the landlord, so that he can deal with them as a proof of severe weather and damage which the assurance of the building.

Thinking about a Davis Vantage Pro 2 is not so bad - private Meteo agencies use them also in Switzerland - but to be honest: For your landlord in fact, your data will not be that official enough, that he can use them in a case of legal proceedings between your landlord and his assurance of the building. But is this really important that you tell him, if he doesn't ask about that? ;-)

But in my case, I told that clearly to my landlord. Having nothing, compared to about having any data, I could convinced the landlord that he let me install anything I want. Take care for a correct installation along the scientific specifications and a station which is also used by a private Meteo agency.

So then came the day of 16.12.2011 - Storm "Joachim" - due to that a lot of bricks have been removed from our roof :-/. Then I gave him my datas, he sent them to the assurance and they have been compared witch the official MeteoSchweiz Stations nearby. He got everything replaced from the assurance, even his badly damaged garden house.


P.S.: I think the assurance replaced him any damage due to the data od the official MeteoSchweiz Stations nearby, but he is thinking probably still that it was due to the my data. I have never contradict :-D ...

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