Verkaufe CD-ROM "Forecast Simulator"

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Phil (Dübendorf)
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Verkaufe CD-ROM "Forecast Simulator"

Beitragvon Phil (Dübendorf) » Sa 3. Aug 2013, 15:46

Ich verkaufe folgende CD-ROM:

"Forecast Simulator":

Storm Forecast Simulator Forecast trainer & severe weather data archive. Can you get your chasers to the storm? Storm Forecast Simulator is a forecast training system containing 232 of the biggest chase days in severe weather history! Watch the day unfold, issue an SPC risk area and a severe weather watch if warranted, and as the day continues you'll see 50 simulated chasers react and target the forecast area. Graphics for all days have been equalized to a common format so that it's difficult even for an experienced forecaster to tell whether a case date is for 1983 or 2003!

Weitere Infos: http://weathergraphics.com/fcstsim/

Vielleicht hat daran jemand Interesse. Der Preis würde so um 30 Franken liegen. :)

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